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Freedom to Move Caucus (Stolzenhagen)


For Freedom to Move, Joy Mariama Smith has invited artists, activists, critical thinkers, facilitators, movers and shakers to engage in a dynamic process of excavation around the notion of freedom and movement. The aim is to bring together different perspectives and share resources and knowledge in order to strengthen, and support each other in our collective efforts to protect our agency and freedom to move. With our differences, how can we move together towards a more sustainable and accessible notion of freedom? Who is free to move? Where? And why?

As part of the Freedom to Move Caucus, there will be numerous offerings and events presented at Ponderosa. I will be offering the workshops Immovable Barriers and Remaining Tangential on the 18th and 19th, respectively. The outline of the entire program is given here below, and the description of each offering you can find on the Ponderosa webpage.

Photo: Chani Bockwinkel
  • Calu Lema — Naked movement
    Thursday, June 21., 11am-1pm

  • Idàn Sagiv Richter — Cloudbusting
    Thursday, June 21., 2-4pm

  • Bernardo Chatillon — this is may not be a space for you but you can find a way to be in it
    Monday, June 18., Tuesday, June 19.
    Wednesday June 20., 10am-1pm

  • Manu – Moving as a Practice of Freedom
    Monday, June 18., Tuesday, June 19.
    Thursday June 21., 4-7pm

  • Eroca Nicols – Aggressive Snuggling
    Friday, June 22., 10am-1pm and 3-6pm

  • DJ Hate the Game – DJ Workshop for Womxn
    Friday, June 22., 9pm-12am +party

  • Mad Kate — Bodying Desire: Explorations of Movement and Touch informed by Sex Work
    Monday, June 18., 3-7pm

  • Zwoisy Mears-Clarke — Immovable Barriers
    Monday, June 18., 9-11pm

  • Calu Lema — Gender is Over
    Tuesday, June 19., 11am-1pm

  • Zwoisy Mears-Clarke — Remaining Tangential
    Tuesday, June 19., 2-4pm

  • Idàn Sagiv Richter — Cats in the Night
    Wednesday, June 20., 9-11pm

  • Calu Lema — Unstoppable by Borders
    Wednesday, June 20., 11am-1pm

  • Natasha A Kelly — The Sara Baartmann Story, Black Feminism and Body Politics
    Wednesday, June 20., 3-7pm

Participation fee: see details | Location: Ponderosa (Gutshof 3, 16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen, DE)


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