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The Radical Abundance Ruckus - Moving Shame (Stolzenhagen)


In this 3-day workshop titled Moving Shame, we will access through the body our past and present feelings of shame and explore how they can transform when we activate them in our muscles, bones, and skin. We will ground ourselves before using both verbal and non-verbal storytelling to map in our bodies where our stories of shame manifests itself. Through diving into somatic improvisational practices and non-visual dance techniques as well as having each other as a support, we will move, shake, and spin the places we've mapped to investigate where the body's process can lead us. These physical practices are intended as a practice of discomfort, support, release, transformation, and togetherness. This workshop utilizes touch; physical boundaries will be self-directed and the responsibility of respecting these boundaries will be shared by all. No dance experience is necessary.

This workshop is a part of The Radical Abundance Ruckus (RAR), curated by Joy Mariama Smith and Alicia Grant. RAR also includes offerings by Folami Bayode, Natalie Igor Dobkin, and Ambrita Sunshine. 

The Radical Abundance Ruckus (RAR) will investigate shifting our focus and sharing practices around radical abundance. Leaving behind the notion that we must work in an economy of scarcity. For five days, we will navigate our way together through proposals of shame-dancing, queer amateurism, trance rituals, and more. There will be time for yelling and time for radical resting. There will be time for communal eating and partying. Simply, how can we inhabit uncertainty in a way that is generative?

Participation fee: see details | Location: Ponderosa (Gutshof 3, 16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen, DE) | Time: 17:00 - 19:00 July 29, 30 & 31th


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