Rani and Nassim ask

Grafik: Finding Sisterhood/Ful Art Group


Rani and Nassim ask „What would the performance/dance scene look like, if you got to decide?“

Dieses Werk ist ein Beitrag zum Finding Sisterhood Festival, ein Festival für darstellende Künste welches sich auf dem Bedarf fokusiert eine Bewegung rund um Kunstpraxen zu schaffen, die zur Weiterentwicklung der Kunstszene beitragen, jedoch selten im Fokus stehen oder archiviert werden.

Das Stück ist in Textform auf Englisch.

There is a paradox here in this “if you got to decide”I do not wish to decide–alone that is

Sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen with a large mug filled with Brennessel Tee looking out at my neighbourhood


In my dependency on other beings

I, human, am a social creature

Constantly conversing through breadth-struck multilingual means

Rosalind Masson and Florence Freitag share the example that

“We are symbiotically connected with plants

through the biological process of respiration.

It acknowledges the physiological dependency we

have on plants and advocates their inclusion.”

This decision was not, should not, will not be mine alone to make.

It is ours.

We the beings (of plant, fungi, animal, microbe) that are in constant creative conversation with one another on and off stage

Thus I speak, I dance, I sing, I write

I speak, I dance, I sing, I write again

Spreading out my call like a strand of mycelia that aims to feed its local and non-local communities

I hope by taking this flexible form I can remain conscious of the processes of all symbiosis

Capable of listening and understanding

Then speaking back in kindred languages

In the moments I must and may speak back again

Ein Text von Zwoisy Mears-Clarke
Zur Finding Sisterhood Festival Seite

Unterstützt durch Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grant’s committee, City of Lund and Stenkrossen. Co-production: MDT Stockholm